Our Facilities

Allow our staff of knowledgeable butchers to slaughter, process, and ship your livestock.


Processing Plants

  • Our slaughterhouse can process up to 900 heads of sow and hogs per day.
  • We have invested in hi-tech equipment in order to improve the quality of our products.
  • We use biodegradable products whenever and wherever possible.
  • Our production methods result in no wastage - we make use of all hog slaughtering by-products, whether edible or not!
  • We ensure to  recycle many materials used in the production process in order to reduce wastage and environmental impact.


We are able to track, for a given product, all stages of its manufacturing and the origin of its components.
The traceability of our products and procedures allows, among other things, to locate the different places where the product has been processed, butchered, packed and stored as well as being able to identify the operations and equipment used.


  • If you are unable to transport your livestock to us, we have transport options available for you.
  • Our fleet of trucks is specially designed to maximize the comfort of our pigs.
  • Our facilities are designed to ease the sorting and loading/unloading of animals.


We love working with and supporting small, local farms and farmers and helping to support the dynamic Quebec pork industry.


We are committed to helping to preserve our immediate environment by eliminating wastage wherever possibly as well as ensuring optimal water purity through our operational processes.

Quality Control

L.G. Hébert et Fils Ltée is very proud to be a federal institution (Est. 9) accredited by the HACCP program!
The HACCP program identifies the risks of contamination by assessing and establishing preventative measures in order to guarantee our customers products of the highest quality and safety.
We maintain a high standard of quality control throughout the transportation and production cycle.

Food Inspection Agency

L.G. Hébert et Fils Ltée is a proud home to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) – we have federal inspectors and veterinarians on our premises throughout our entire operation and business hours.
Our livestock is inspected as soon as they arrive and all abnormalities are reported immediately.
We guarantee our customers a production cycle completely in line with CFIA standards and regulations.
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